If you’re a marketer, you’ve probably heard of social selling. If you are a Lazada or Shopee seller, and you don’t know what they are or have even heard of them, this article is for you.

No, this is not about social media marketing and definitely not social media advertising.

But social media channels are the best tool to start social selling

Social selling is making connections on social media and maintaining relationships with prospects. Done right, it will debunk traditional cold calls and messages.

In a survey conducted by LinkedIn, social sales leaders were 51% more likely to reach their quota and 78% of social sellers outsold their peers and those who didn’t use social media.

Here’s an example of a social selling scenario

Dave sells pet supplies on Shopee. While scrolling through her Facebook, she saw a post from a woman named Sheila who was a new dog owner. He asked for recommendations from the best veterinary clinics in town.
Dave has veterinary friends and connections, so he commented on Sheila’s post, recommending his friend’s clinic.
Sheila saw the comments, and checked Maldives Email List Dave’s Facebook profile, and saw that he owned a pet shop. Sheila has been wanting to shop for pet products for her new dog but had no idea where to start and what to buy.
Meanwhile, Dave also sees an opportunity and introduces Sheila to his best pet products. Since Sheila wanted to shop for her new dog, she made inquiries about dog products.
Dave then directed Sheila to his online store so she could shop at ease. He also offers free shipping vouchers.

As you can see, there is no hard sell. Dave was able to capitalize on his connections, and at the same time build trust with his prospects because he didn’t exactly say he was selling.

Yet he made the sale

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People don’t want the feeling of being sold because somehow they think a salesperson is only pushing to satisfy their interests, and ignoring the prospect’s needs.

Social selling is all about helping CW Leads and giving so you can build rapport, trust and ultimately loyalty. Social selling is the modern way of networking.

For successful social selling, remember these 4 pillars.

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