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You never hear that one in the list of technological horrors, do you?) I have many thoughts, as I’m sure you could have guessed, but I’ll spare you the bulk of it today, except to make sure to give Dunbar credit where they are owed: These Frugal McDougals don’t need $30,000 magnetic bags to run their regime, nor even $1,000 in wall-mounted phone pockets. No sir. $90 and an Amazon account will get you 500 plain manila envelopes and a pen that will do the job just fine. Providing, of course, that you have an army of highly-paid bag screeners, a captive student body, and endless search time on the front end, as well as the threat of suspension on the back end.

But never mind all that: kudos indeed to the

Dunbarians on their economical Afghanistan Phone Number List ingenuity. (Dayton Daily News, 5/23/24) Editors at are all in on cellphone bans, too…almost. “While a complete elimination of cellphones from the academic environment may be accepted by some, cellphones can also be seen as a learning tool to be used during certain classroom activities that would aid a student’s learning ability, especially in today’s society where a new app or piece of technology is developed every day.” Sorry, Dunbarians. It’s still zero tolerance for you guys. (, 5/24/24) Finally released from the carceral cavalcade and back in the light of day, let’s look anew at Cristo Rey Catholic High School here in Columbus. We’ve talked about this awesome school/work model before but it’s worth reiterating again (especially after our foregoing district-based horror stories) as it is currently celebrating its 10 year anniversary.

Cristo Rey looks

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Like a great place for students learn CW Leads and grow, provides numerous supports across the board, has a ridiculous track record of student success, welcomes all faiths and backgrounds, and there are seats available for low-income students right now. Run, don’t walk, parents. This is what many of you have been looking for. And they have been looking for you. Go get it. (Columbus Dispatch, 5/21/24) Here are three stories for you to end our clips on an up-note for the week: St. Vincent-St. Mary High School senior Anne Rea gave the valedictory speech at the Akron school’s graduation ceremony this week. She was upbeat, positive, and forward-looking despite losing her family home to a devastating fire less than 24 hours earlier.

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