Just because something is bad doesn’t necessarily

History is riddled with examples wherein prohibitions backfired (the temperance movement) or created unsustainable negative externalities (the war on drugs). Similarly, some school-level campaigns such as the D.A.R.E. Program have only increased the rate of the behavior they tried to combat. In the case of phone bans, however, this latest study is just one more entry to an expanding. Literature on the benefits of such policies. It’s worth noting that the p-values in this study are small. Signifying a uncertainty in its conclusions—but as I’ve written about here before. Several earlier analyses showed that limiting phone usage during class increases performance on both standardized test scores and end-of-course exams. As for non-academic benefits, researchers have found that, without phones, students exercise far more at recess, burning off energy, fostering physical health, and promoting later attention in class.

For a number of years I volunteered at a

Summer camp that confiscated phones Cyprus Phone Number List on day one. Students grudgingly handed them over, complaining that they’d “lose their streaks” (it has something to do with Snapchat). But in short order they were voicing appreciation for the time they could spend sitting in circles chatting with friends, without all eyes staring down. Few had experienced the simple pleasure of getting lost in thought because boredom had always prompted them to grab their phone. By week’s end, every single student—every single one—expressed some hesitation to check their phones when we handed them back.

They’d learned to

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love being phone free. Something of Estonia Phone Number List a pessimist as I am, I find this turnaround on phones a heartening trend. We’ve seen society-wide transformations before, movements that greatly improved the lives of young people. Campaigns against smoking that spread the message of its negative health effects and prompted bans in countless public space, for example, have led to a drastic decrease in smoking rates. A similar decline happened for teen pregnancy after policy initiatives, public messaging campaigns, and rhetoric from various political bully pulpits sought to combat the societal malady.

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