[Latest in 2021] Have you updated WeChat?

Let’s take a look at what WeChat has updat. It’s so practical!
post by Chloe Chan
by Chloe Chan

Jan 25, 2021 Post at 5:11 PM
Contributing author: Avery


January 21st is WeChat’s tenth anniversary. WeChat launch an updat version 8.0. Let’s take a look at what has been updat!

You can set your status and personal signature

After WeChat is updat, you can set your own status and signature! The steps are as follows:

Just go to the ” Me ” page, select “Status”, and you can set your current status (there are different types, choose your own), and then you can write your Portugal Phone Number List own signature. Of course, you can also select “Other” to manually set your status!
Below the personal signature, there are also provid photos (as background image), location information and public information. You can choose according to your preferences!
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The emoticons are so cute

WeChat’s emoji package is different Argentina Phone Number List from the past. After the transformation, the emoji package is richer! The “yellow face Emoji” can move! The “bomb” or “fireworks” emojis will have different special effects. As for the “bomb” emoji, sending it in the chat box will really have an explosion effect and the phone will vibrate slightly. If you want to know more, update WeChat!


3 Floating Window

WeChat’s “floating window” has also been updat. When you read an article and click on the “floating window”, the article will be compressed. After the article is compressed, two small dots will appear in the upper left corner of the WeChat main interface. Then click on the two small dots or swipe right to see the article! Very convenient and fast!


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