Inappropriate use of Header tags Using more than 1-2 H tags


Inappropriate use of Heade Per page can reduce the effectiveness of your keyword placement. Inefficient flow of links You probably won’t get penalized for your inefficient website architecture, but you will have lower conversions, high bounce rates, less time spent on your website, low search engine rankings, and it will be much harder for you to rank and rank all your pages. for your page. Broken Links The large number of broken 404 links on a site is completely unprofessional. This also shows sloppiness and will hurt the flow of your website as it will “make” the search engines (Google) think that you don’t care about the “user experience” and possibly drop you in the rankings.

Redirects Most temporary redirects are almost always pointless

If you overdo it with redirects, all you will do is damage your website. Large number of Indexed Pages This is probably one of the biggest misconceptions Qatar WhatsApp Number List about “Reputation” and search engines (Google). For some strange reason. Some website owners think that their site is considered “Authoritative” because they have too many index pages. Huge mistake! This is only true if all or most of those pages are quality and unique. But if your website has 10 blog posts, and you have 400 pages indexed, then I bet most of them will have duplicate content or be empty.

The same is largely the case with E-shops

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Inappropriate use of Heade Desperately top page speed A slow website creates a poor user experience and search engines (Google) take this into account when ranking your website. Lack of Vietnam Phone Number Confidence Signals Google looks for certain pages that a “proper site” should have. Such as the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Contact and About pages. If you don’t have them, it’s a good idea to create them. As you can see from most of these web optimization mistakes are about improving your user experience.