The choice of video format .The choice of video format The quality and loading speed of your video. The .mp4 or .webm formats are preferred for their compatibility with the majority of browsers and distribution platforms, such as YouTube. Responsive video Favoring a responsive video is important to ensure the readability of your content on all media (desktop computers, tablets, smartphones). The use of HTML5 tags then makes it possible to automatically adapt the size and resolution of the video to different screens. Subtitles and transcriptions to improve your video SEO Adding subtitles and transcriptions can be a significant asset for optimizing a video’s SEO.

This makes it possible to enrich the textual content associated

The choice of video format With the video and increase its understanding by search engines. Subtitles Subtitles are the texts that appear at the bottom of the screen during the broadcast of Australia Telegram Number Data the video and correspond to the words of the speakers or their translation into another language. They help improve the accessibility of your video and increase its reach to a wider audience who may not necessarily be fluent in the language used in the video. Automatic transcription To further optimize the SEO of your video, it may be interesting to integrate a text file containing the entire oral content of the video in the form of properly written sentences.

This will allow search engines to better understand

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the content offered and thus improve its indexing. Considered the best automatic translator available, Deep. Can be of great help in producing. Good quality Australia Telegram Number texts in a foreign language. Of course, it is always advisable to have a qualified. native speaker proofread and edit the content, but DeepL can be a good place to start. In summary, international SEO requires rigorous organization. Solid linguistic knowledge and, above all, a good mastery of SEO techniques. By using these tools wisely, you will be able to develop and implement a successful strategy to conquer new markets and attract targeted traffic from different parts of the world.

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