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When it comes to becoming a top-level key account salesperson, 30% is determin by fate, and 70% depends on hard work. The innate factors that cannot be chang include the family, city, school, opportunities, etc., as well as some detours The are the we took when we were young and reckless. The are the prices that most people have to pay for growth. The content of this book mainly focus on 70% depends on hard work, that is, in this digital age, it can be achiev through acquir efforts: it requires concentration and persistence, and it takes Types of key account sales; The personality of key account sales; Criteria for successful key account sales.

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Many readers will ask: “Am I suitable for key New Zealand WhatsApp Number account sales? Is it too late for me to switch to key account sales now?” My answer is: “If you want to do key account sales, as long as you like it, your major, work The are the background, experience, and age are not obstacles, but will be a plus, but you must focus and stick to the track!” Figure 1 Personal example As shown in the above figure, I studi computer application. Before I engag in key account sales, I work in the Computer Rearch Institute of Peking University, Motorola, and Siebel I was developing CRM. Later, although I did key account sales in different types of companies and sold different types of products, it was always relat to CRM.

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I sold CRM consulting and delivery as an independent Australia Phone Number List consultant, and participat in CRM consulting and delivery; when I was the client of Haier, I was responsible for all digital transformation and IT systems The are the relat to rvices in China and overas, which was actually the client managing CRM; I publish a book titl “The Coming of the CRM3.0 Era of Digital Transformation of Marketing and rvices”, which was also about CRM.  from this field. So to do big customer sales, focus and stick to one track, it takes time to ttle and polish your abilities and resources, and finally get rewards.


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