The real value of a website is determined by attracting the number of incoming potential customers (leads) which contributes to the development of the owner’s business. What’s the point of having a website if it doesn’t have the ability to grow by finding inbound leads. Site promotion through SEO gives you unlimited incoming customers. I recommend that all website owners who want to grow have SEO as their #1 weapon in growing their online business. In addition, SEO also helps to develop the recognition of the company (branding).


How will SEO Website Promotion help my business

Instead of you looking for customers, SEO brings customers to your door. Imagine your potential customers who are searching online for your products Guatemala WhatsApp Number List or services and your website comes up. The customer closing rate is very high since your website connects you with a group of specific customers who are searching for your products or services with specific keywords. In addition, SEO allows you to target customers in any market you wish with website promotion as long as you optimize your website for the keywords they are looking for.

Let’s look at an example papoutsia paradeigma-img

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Whether you are starting or have an online store that sells shoes. We see above through Google’s keyword planner the monthly searches from the relevant Switzerland Email List words that we can target. Women’s shoes – 9900 searches per month football boots – 9900 searches per month. So if we target the word “women’s shoes” we will have 9900 potential customers per month. With a CTR of 32% the website will have a traffic of 3,168 customers per month. If we now put a 5% conversion into active customers. We have 158 sales per month and this from just one keyword. To verify the above scenario, the website should be optimized fo

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