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OK. Time at last to talk about the elephant in the room. Has the work of Columbus City Schools’ Facilities Task Force been fatally compromised since last we discussed the situation? Let’s assess. A leaked document which detailed some ridiculous commentary and juvenile strategy suggestions from. The perspective of the elected school board and aimed at “taking control” of the narrative around the task. Force’s work hit social media and then the mainstream media on Tuesday. The uproar was instantaneous. (ABC 6 News, Columbus, 5/21/24) A board meeting scheduled for that day went on as planned, including some public input on the proposals previously put forward by the task force… (Columbus Dispatch, 5/22/24) …but not before some chaotic and contradictory public statements from the elected board member at the center of the memo mess and some of his colleagues. (10 TV News, Columbus, 5/22/24)

That board member will likely not be

In his seat for much longer, I reckon, one Turkey Phone Number List way or another. Which will bring a modicum of closure. (Columbus Dispatch, 5/23/24) But could this mess really be the death knell for the work? It is a sideshow to the task force’s actual work of course—their various recommendations for desperately-needed right-sizing of district facilities and the analysis and implementation of the best plan. But previously-scheduled public input sessions to discuss the proposals are currently on hold… (10 TV News, Columbus, 5/23/24) …the folks who had already call the work of the task force into question have more leverage than ever to stop the process cold until these other issues have been sort out to their satisfaction… (Columbus Education Association press releases, 5/23/24) …and “getting to the bottom of this” is now the main focus of, well, everyone.

Columbus Dispatch

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Does it all end here with no further CW Leads action on the serious decisions needing made? Does the district continue to limp into the future with no effort to decrease its footprint and increase the efficient use of its resources? I know what I think at this moment, but who knows what will happen next that could change my mind. In other news, former state superintendent Susan Zelman opines on what’s needed to help teacher preparation programs equip our future educators to properly teach the science of reading. Nice. (Dayton Daily News, 5/21/24)

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