High season or holidays are a golden opportunity for those involved in the e-Commerce business in Southeast Asia.

While we are not done fighting the pandemic yet, many top businesses, retailers and marketers expect a spike in demand in the coming months.

With ongoing health protocols such as social distancing and bans on mass gatherings, consumers are still encouraged to rely on online to buy their basic needs—and holiday gifts.

However, consumer spending expectations are getting higher. They want smooth transactions, fast response and delivery.

A survey conducted by Qubit revealed that the 2021 holiday season could be the biggest for online shopping. On the other hand, 56% of online shoppers aged between 18-34 expect same-day delivery.

Review your previous peak season operations

To make sure you’re on the right track, review your fulfillment and delivery data from last year’s high season. That way, you can analyze how quickly your package has been delivered from the warehouse to Board Members Email List the recipient.future planStart pre-ordering for cargo, shipping, and warehouses. Your order must be at least 2-3 weeks before shipping. This will keep you from missing a delivery on time.

Note that the economy is now in a better position compared to last year and shipping volumes are rebuilding.

Be flexible in all your schedules. Also, keep in mind that there are uncontrollable factors that can lead to shipping disruptions such as weather conditions, canal blockages and road closures.

If this happens, make sure your lines are open and communicate actively with your customers to manage their expectations.InventoryForecasting and planning are the two key requirements for dealing effectively with anticipated spikes in orders.

Learn from the previous year

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Just like how you prepare your delivery, you need to take the time and analyze the previous year’s performance. Know which suppliers failed and met expectations. Identify unresolved bottlenecks. IN short, find out what is going well and where you are lacking in inventory so that you can fulfill all the orders placed this year. Communicate with your suppliers Another important thing to remember is to always contact your supplier. Know CW Leads the requirements as early as possible. Understand their key production times so you can manage your stock too. Categorize your products If you offer a wide variety of products, you should categorize them for efficiency. Identify perishable, seasonal, or perennial products so you’ll know when to order a particular stock, how much to order, and which stocks need to be replenished.

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