A Guide to Communication on the Island of Aphrodite


Cyprus, the island nation nestled in the eastern Mediterranean, boasts a rich history, stunning landscapes, and a vibrant culture. As with any thriving society, communication plays a vital role in connecting individuals, businesses, and the world at large. Understanding the nuances of Cyprus phone numbers is essential for navigating the island’s communication landscape, whether you’re a resident, a visitor, or simply seeking to connect with someone on the island.

The Cyprus Phone Number System: A Foundation for Communication

Cyprus, like many countries, utilizes a standardized Chinese Overseas America Number phone number system based on international dialing codes and area codes. This system ensures efficient call routing and allows for seamless communication across borders.


The international dialing code for Cyprus is +357. This code is used when making calls from outside Cyprus to a Cyprus phone number.
Example: To call a Cyprus phone number from the United States, you would dial +357 followed by the full phone number.

  1. Area Codes:

 Two-Digit Prefixes: Cyprus utilizes two-digit area codes to distinguish different geographical regions within the country.
Main Area Codes: The primary area codes in Cyprus are:
22: Nicosia (the capital city)
24: Limassol
23: Larnaca
26: Paphos
25: Famagusta (currently under Turkish Cypriot administration)
Example: A phone number in Nicosia would begin with 22, followed by the subscriber’s seven-digit number.

Subscriber Numbers:

 Seven-Digit Format: Subscriber numbers in Cyprus are seven digits long, following the area code.
Example: A complete Cyprus phone number would look like this: +357 22 1234567.

  1. Mobile Phone Numbers:

 9-Digit Format: Mobile phone numbers in Cyprus are nine digits long, starting with 9 followed by the seven-digit subscriber number.
Example: A mobile phone number in Cyprus would look like this: +357 99 1234567.

Navigating the Cyprus Phone Number Landscape: A Guide for Travelers and Residents

Whether you’re a visitor exploring the island’s ancient ruins or a resident enjoying the Mediterranean lifestyle, understanding the Cyprus phone number system is essential for staying connected. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the communication landscape:

  1. Making Calls from Cyprus:

 Local Calls: To make a local call within the same area code, simply dial the seven-digit subscriber number.
Long-Distance Calls: To make a long-distance call to another area code within Cyprus, dial the two-digit area code followed by the seven-digit subscriber number.
International Calls: To make an international call, dial the international dialing code (+357) followed by the country code and the phone number.

Receiving Calls in Cyprus:

 Mobile Phone Numbers: If you have a Cyprus mobile phone number, you can receive calls from anywhere in the world.
Landline Numbers: Landline numbers in Cyprus are typically associated with a specific location. You can receive calls from within Cyprus and internationally.

  1. Finding Phone Numbers in Cyprus:

 Online Directories: Several online directories provide phone numbers for businesses and individuals in Cyprus.
Yellow Pages: The Cyprus Yellow Pages is a comprehensive Canadian Phone Number directory listing businesses and services.
Local Information: You can ask for phone numbers at local businesses, hotels, or tourist information centers.

  1. Phone Number Etiquette in Cyprus:

 Respectful Communication: Be mindful of the time of day when making calls, and avoid making unnecessary calls, especially during mealtimes.
Professional Communication: Use appropriate language and tone, especially when communicating with businesses or government agencies.
Mobile Phone Usage: Be mindful of mobile phone usage in public places, especially in quiet areas or during performances.

Beyond the Phone: Exploring the Communication Landscape of Cyprus

Beyond the traditional phone system, Cyprus is embracing new technologies and communication platforms, reflecting the island’s growing connectivity and digital transformation.

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