Be Aware Of Possible Missed Opportunities

As previously mentioned, if you have a high search ranking, it will be easy for you to achieve other goals such as high organic traffic and conversions.

Bounce Rate
Another important metric to consider in the SEO market is the number of visitors that bounce from your store without taking any action.

Generally, the bounce rate should be between 40%-60%. If it is higher than that then it indicates that your page is not relevant to the search query and may affect your ranking factor.

Return on Investment
Calculating your ROI will help you determine if the money you spent optimizing your site was worth it.


Profit from Investment – Investment Cost Investment Cost

Keep in mind that this parameter may Investors Email List have negative values ​​early in your optimization process. But if you use the right tools and apply the right SEO strategy, you should see positive growth within a few months.

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