Create an SEO semantic cocoon Therefore, The semantic cocoon is a method of structuring the architecture of a website and its internal networking based on semantics and the relationships between the different themes covered. The main aim is to create a dense, organised network of internal links that make it easier for users and search engine algorithms to discover and explore your content. The key principles of a semantic cocoon An effective semantic cocoon is based on several essential elements: The organisation of content Group your articles and pages by theme or category, creating content clusters around relevant and popular keywords. Page hierarchy Establish a clear, hierarchical structure with different levels of depth, distinguishing between the main pages (or “pillars”) and the secondary pages.

Internal networking Create a dense

Therefore, network of internal links between the different pages in the semantic cocoon, taking care to balance incoming and outgoing links. Quality of USA WhatsApp Number List content writing rich, informative articles and pages that are attractive to readers, while respecting SEO criteria (keyword density), meta tagsetc.). How do you build an SEO semantic cocoon step by step? To create a successful semantic cocoon, you need to follow a structured. Step-by-step approacombining architecture. Copywriting and SEO techniques. Here are the main steps to follow: 1.

Semantic analysis and choice of keywords

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Therefore,The most relevant and effective keywords for your sector of activity and your marketing objectives. Use Thailand Whatsapp Number keyword research and analysis tools (Google Ads. Ubersuggestetc.) to find the most sought-after. However, ompetitive expressions. Likely to generate qualified traffic to your site. 2.Therefpre,  Definition of content clusters. Group the keywords chosen according to their semantic and thematic proximity. To form “clusters” or content categories. Each cluster should cover a specific subject and meet the needs of users interested in that theme.

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