Digital Data Is Now A Valuable Commodity

This could change their buying decision


At Split Dragon, we suggest top volume keywords based on actual Lazada & Shopee search data. Optimizing listings using keywords increases product rankings in search results.

Understanding data can further fuel your business growth by showing you:

  • What worked and what didn’t. It will show you the strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement in your business
  • The realistic goal to set in numerical form is to base it on current performance
  • The demographics of your target market so you can take the guesswork out of it and target specific countries or cities
  • Help you segment and personalize your campaigns to personalize the customer experience
  • Real progress of your business through key metrics and numbers, enabling you to manage them effectively

When you need to be lean and smart about where to spend your resources, data serves as a business guide not only for future success but especially during global crises.

 Traditional businesses need to follow suit

One industry that has been slow to embrace e-Commerce is luxury brands. 

This is not surprising considering that luxury brands have a different and classier approach to promoting their products.

They must combine a memorable buying CIO & CTO Email List experience for clients by providing a high-quality sales environment and selective ownership opportunities.

Experiences like these are hard to carry online.

Another reason is that luxury brands have a fear that online retail will weaken their brand image and reduce their sense of exclusivity.[ * ]

However, when COVID-19 hit, luxury brands had no choice but to step into the digital side of business and start owning eCommerce platforms.

With the use of a customizable sales platform, high-end brands can re-imagine luxury shopping such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence and voice-controlled shopping.

Take the example of Herman Miller and Maybelline who are using smart mirrors and AR to allow wealthy customers to virtually “try on” and interact with products before they can make purchases online.


Safety and comfort always come first

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When people find pleasure and satisfaction in new experiences, they are willing to change—and that will become the new normal. This is despite deep-rooted beliefs and habits.

This is proven when we see how consumer behavior changed drastically during the pandemic. Commodities are now available online for shopping. Curb delivery adjusted by the restaurant. A cashless society is rapidly evolving and e-wallets are now accessible, even to students.

Before Covid-19, digital transactions and CW Leads cashless payments in Southeast Asia were limited to those with credit or debit cards. Now, 85% of consumers in the region use some form of digital payment.

In a survey conducted by Visa, the pandemic hastened the transition as users prefer cashless transactions to avoiding the risk of infection.

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