Have real life experiences to produce genuine Value

Have real life experiences  you’re going to build an audience that craves your new content, you need to provide them with really super valuable and engaging content. Every piece of content you produce should help your readers. But providing real value is only possible through your experience. Your readers can easily tell if you’re faking or lying, so don’t try to. Become an expert in your field and use your blog to educate your prospects as you are now considered an authority on the subject. The hardest part is writing content that “grabs” the reader but there is a super easy way to “counter” the most boring content… Just be yourself. Write as if you’re talking to someone you’re just having an informal conversation with about a really interesting topic. Be yourself, write freely and honestly, and provide great value to your readers.

Listen to the right people

This is very important, because there are many internet marketing “gurus” out there, so you need to be able to distinguish the good ones from the bad ones. When I  Kenya WhatsApp Number List  started I listened to everything anyone said. But now, I only read three or four blogs and only when I have some free time or when I remember. You see, if you spend all your time reading other people’s blogs, you won’t spend time growing your blog or doing anything to get more traffic to it. Pick a core group of blogs you like and stick with them. If one of the main blogs makes you “lazy”, give it up and go to another one. Either way, your first thought in the morning shouldn’t be “what blog should I read today?” It should be “how am I going to make money today?” 7. Keep the fire burning I cannot stress this point enough. For some reason, once someone gets the ability to easily rank their websites, they start to relax! Okay, we’re human and we need to relax now and then. Always keep the fire burning! This is true for any business. Remember why you worked so hard. You wanted to be an SEO guru, so use your skills to make a splash. Trust me, there are people who are hungrier than you. So that brings me to my next point 8.


Always be on the attack

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I am very competitive, this has also carried over to SEO. I literally get fired up when a website takes my #1 spot or when I try to displace a page. You have to be India Phone Number constantly alert and ready to face the other SEOs. Obviously, if you are new to SEO, you should stay away from niches that are competitive. But once you get some skills, you should definitely try to tango with your real competitors. You should get to the point where you honestly believe you can rank for any keyword on any budget. Ranking in super competitive niches is a budget battle. The same goes for local searches like “city + dentist” because you are in competition with businesses that are contracted with SEO companies like mine. Your SEO skills alone will not make you money! You should have some special elements to succeed and continue your success for years to come. If you’re always on the defensive, afraid of failure, and afraid of the competition, then you’re not going to make money, no matter how good you are at SEO.

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