Keyword evaluation is a key Evaluate the keywords The main objective of the process is to determine 3 main factors: Search frequency (traffic) Organic Competition How profitable search frequency is Depending on the goals you want to achieve, you also evaluate the keywords. Let’s see an example: Suppose we have to evaluate the keyword “plastic surgeons Athens” “Plastic surgeons Athens” is searched an average of 590 times per month. If you get the first position in the ranking, you will get about 35% of these visitors or more. This equates to 206 targeted visitors to your website every month for a single keyword.

Let’s say you’ve converted 5%

(the average conversion rate for SEO leads) of these visitors. This means that a plastic surgeon from the city of Athens could potentially get at least 10 new clients Switzerland WhatsApp Number List per month, which equates to 120 new clients per year. According to studies, the average plastic surgeon client spends between 500 and 3,000 euros per year. So, on the small scale of 500 per patient, a plastic surgeon could potentially earn an additional 60,000 euros in revenue each yearKeywords, Page Titles, Meta – descriptions, frequency of keywords, website architecture, links between pages, etc. We will talk extensively about this specific process in another article. .

There are many factors to consider

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but this example shows the valuable value of Search Engine.Optimization. And of course the potential of a good Keyword ROI when it comes to the 1st position of the Indonesia Whatsapp Number organic results. This example should be enough to change the .”How many searches per month” mindset. 5. Placement of keywords within the website After selecting the keywords we want to target, we move on to. Onpage SEO – This process includes actions.That are applied within the website (keyword targeting) Track your keywords performance

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