Optimise your online presence Choice of target markets Before you start implementing an international SEO strategy, you need to define precisely which countries or regions you want to target. To do this, you need to consider your commercial objectives, your current presence in these markets, the local competition and the specific needs of potential customers. Locating content Offering localised content is essential for a successful international SEO strategy. Translation : The first step towards localisation is to translate all the content of your website in the languages of your target markets. It’s important to work with professional translators who understand not only the language but also the local culture and specificities.

Content optimisation  adapt the content to suit the cultural

legal and economic particularities of each target market. This could include local currency, measurements (metric or imperial) or Uganda WhatsApp Number List legal specificities, for example. Hosting management L’accommodation of your website can also play a crucial role in a successful international SEO strategy. Local accommodation : Have a server located as close as possible to your audience target can improve loading speed of your site, which is important for referencing and theuser experience.

Using a content distribution network

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(CDN) also makes it possible to improve the performance and security of your website on several international markets by distributing Singapore Whatsapp Number your static resources (images, videos, scripts) from different servers located around the world. The basic principles for optimising your website as part of an international seo strategy Site structure To succeed in an international SEO strategy, it is important to structure the website effectively so that it is easily accessible and understandable by search engines and users. URLs : Use clear, legible URLs, including keywords that are relevant to the target markets and taking account of language specificities (special characters, accents, etc.

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