How do you know¬† A high bounce rate can indicate a number of problems: Content that is not relevant or engaging A bad user experience (loading time, design, navigation, etc.) An absence of strong call-to-action So don’t hesitate to take the necessary steps to optimise this indicator and improve the attractiveness of your site. Textual content: quality, originality and relevance When it comes to SEO, the text content is a key factor in the performance of a website. So make sure you offer quality, original and relevant information to your visitors, while complying with certain rules: Use a rich and varied vocabulary, while remaining accessible to Internet users Structure your texts with tags HTML appropriate (headings, sub-headings, paragraphs, etc.)

Don’t forget to include keywords

that are consistent with your theme, but don’t overdo it. Search engines attach great importance to the link. Between the text post and others data the Belgium WhatsApp Number List page (images, videos, links, etc.): make sure you don’t neglect these elements. Your site’s internal and external meshing To establish their position in the search engines, websites also need to rely on a good internal networking and external links. The latter refers to all the links that connect the pages on your site to each other (internal linking) or to external resources (external linking).

Internal networking Good internal networking improves

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The user experience and facilitates the flow of information. indexing robots on your site, thereby boosting its referencing. To optimise this aspect : Create Italy Telegram Number consistent links between the pages on your site. Use relevant anchor text for each link (“click here” should be avoided) Adopt a clear and logical site structure. (menus, categories, sub-pages Canvas. Arrange several external links that link to other quality websites with proven SEO credentials. The external network Incoming links. To your site also play a major role in search engine rankings. The number and quality of these links are seen as a mark of the trust and popularity of your site.

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