Natural referencing, better known by the acronym SEO (Search Engine Optimization) , is a major issue for businesses and website owners. And with a multitude of topics covered and information coming from various sources, Internet users can have difficulty finding the right answers to their concerns. In this article, we explore the main questions people have about SEO. Contact us SEO audit Defining search intent Find here the complete definition of Search Intent, and the variations in which these search intentions can take shape. search engine optimization), here are some key points to consider: Relevant Keywords : Check if your site uses relevant keywords that match your target audience’s search terms.

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READ HERE Knowing that we find 4 types of search intentions: The different types of search intent Generally speaking, we distinguish between four main Australia WhatsApp Number List categories d’intentions de recherche : Informational: The user is looking for specific information on a subject. For example: “What is SEO?” ” Navigation: The Internet user wants to go directly to a specific site or page. Example: “Gmail account access” Transactional: The user intends to make a purchase or perform a given action, such as subscribing to a service. Example: “Buy iPhone X” Local: The Internet user is looking for information about a place or service located near him.

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It is important to note that some requests can be ambivalent and correspond to several types of intention. In this case, it will be appropriate to Ethiopia Telegram Number carefully  study the semantic environment of the request to determine the dominant intention. Frequently Asked Questions Asked by Internet Users About SEO What is SEO? Find the complete definition of SEOO (Search Engine Optimization), also called Natural SEO, in our SEO glossary Complete Definition of SEO Do I have good SEO? To assess whether your website has good SEO.

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