SEO (Search Engine Optimization), also called natural referencing. Is an essential element to ensure the visibility of your website on search engines such as Google . To succee in the world of SEO and improve the position of your site.  it is necessary to have the best tools that will help you analyze and optimize your content. This article presents the essential SEO tools to monitor your positioning, analyze your crawls, search for relevant keywords, optimize the performance of your site and much more. technical SEO problem.

Positioning monitoring knowing

Your place on the market Knowing where your website ranks in relation to its competitors is essential to measuring your SEO effectiveness. Here are some of the main positioning Algeria WhatsApp Number List tracking tools: Google Search Console . This is a free tool offered by Google that allows you to track the evolution of your positions on search results pages. Ahrefs : This platform offers a very complete and precise positioning monitoring tool. As well as a detaile analysis of competition and keywords. Semrush : Semrush also offers a positioning tracking tool. Couple with analysis of your competitors and assistance with targete keyword research.


Crawl analysisaudit and optimize your website

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Crawl analysis consists of exploring your website to detect indexing problems, duplicate content, broken links or even long loading times. This operation is essential to improve the quality Canada Telegram Number of your site and promote its natural referencing. Here are some tools that will help you with this task: Screaming Frog SEO Spider: This crawl audit tool helps quickly identify technical errors. Duplicate content, or link issues on your site. DeepCrawl: DeepCrawl is an online solution that crawls your entire site to detect possible indexing errors. Content issues, or areas for improvement. Botify: In addition to offering a powerful crawl analysis tool, Botify also includes content optimization and performance analysis features.

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