Duplication : use tools to check that your content is not duplicate, as this harms SEO for them but also for the entire site. Richness : try to vary the types of content (text, image, video, etc.) to offer an enriching and diversified user experience . Link analysis Links are an undeniable element of SEO. A thorough analysis of these links allows you to identify possible SEO gaps on your site: Internal links. make sure your pages are correctly linked together by internal links. This improves navigation, guides The user to the desired content and contributes to SEO. External links : check the quality of the links pointing to your site ( backlinks ) and the reciprocity of the links. This greatly contributes to the notoriety of your site in the eyes of search engines.

Anchor links use diverse and relevant anchor texts

for your internal and external links. Generic anchors such as “click here” should be avoided. Broken links : regularly check the validity of your internal and external Kuwait Telegram Number Data links, because broken links give a bad image to your site and harm SEO. Implementation of recommendations Once the audit has been carry out, it is necessary to implement the recommen  recommendations: Establish an action plan to correct technical issues and improve content quality. Update your URLs and tags (title, meta description, Hn) if necessary, respecting good SEO practices.

Work on the architecture of the site

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to facilitate navigation and improve internal networking . At the same time, make sure your code is clean and compliant with web standards to optimize page loading Vietnam Telegram Number time. develop a netlinking strategy aimed at obtaining quality inbound links to your site. Monitoring and monitoring Finally, remember that SEO optimization work is ongoing. You must regularly monitor the results obtained (positioning, traffic, conversions, etc.) and adjust your strategy. Using tools such as Google Analytics or other analytical tools can be very useful in accurately tracking the progress of your site. A successful SEO audit must therefore integrate technical analysis, content analysis as well as monitoring of internal and external links. The recommendations resulting from this audit will allow you to improve the level and performance of your site, with the aim of gaining visibility and achieving your objectives.

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