These two software programs are called crawlers


These two software programs  because they will carry out technical scanning work on your site, and will illustrate to you the understanding that search engine crawlers have. MERKLE Free online tool, it is directly recommended by Google itself in its materials. In other words, Google gives it a very high level of confidence in the quality of the SEO analyzes it is able to give you. PageSpeedInsights Even if it is not directly the first SEO factor, connection speed, loading speed of a site whether in Desktop or Web Responsive appearance, can on the other hand be the consequence of the heaviness of a site , and in this sense an indicator of poor technical quality of the site. Also important for UX (User Experience), the speed of a site will make it pleasant and fluid in terms of navigation for Internet users and… indexing robots.

There are a plethora of other tools

and among them, the external SEO tools that we will see below, which give an overall vision and SEO analysis, with a little less acuity and details on the Cyprus WhatsApp Number List Technical SEO, but which will be very useful in the semantic approach and in competitive analysis. External SEO audit tools The two World Market Leaders and the two most successful are SEMrush and Ahrefs . Potentially very expensive in their paid versions, and therefore reserved mainly for large SEO Agencies like Optimize 360 ​​to get the best out of them. On-site SEO and Off-site SEO Analysis Tools. They allow you to carry out complete SEO audits in a few clicks, even if behind that, nothing replaces reflection when it comes to thinking about the strategic positioning of a site.

One of the challenges of having good natural

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SEO is to position a site well and find the right balance between Marketing Positioning (presentation of the identity, the offer, the products and services on the one Brazil Email List  hand) , and the optimized SEO content strategy to capture qualified traffic linked to this same activity. If you position your site very well in SEO, but you do it on keywords that have 0 search volume, it will not have been of much use. The website will not take off anyway, unless it does massive and expensive Google Ads advertising . SEMrush Without doubt the most complete tool if you only have one or keep one.

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