Traceability and its importance in the supply

The evolution of the packaging, packaging, and packaging sectors Traceability and importance possible thanks to several. Factors that have serve to transform and optimize their supply chain. One of these factors  traceability. Being the key to the supply chain revolution. The term is define by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).  Its International Vocabulary of Basic and General Terms in Metrology as. The property of the result of a measurement or the value of a standard where it can be relate to specific references. Usually national and international standards, through a continuous chain of comparisons all with specifie uncertainties.” Likewise, it can be define as the property or capacity that identifies materials in any part. The production processes ; focusing on the detail of its components, exceeding. The limits of the company and always orienting itself to the outside of it. In short, it refers to the tracking of the product throughout the entire supply chain. From the moment it leaves the supplier until the arrival of the final consumer.

Traceability and its value in companies

 As a tool, traceability adequately informs consumers, in addition to guaranteeing and ensuring the quality . The Traceability and importance products; especially those intende for food production . Among the main advantages you can find: Helps improve internal control of products. Automate the entry of product data. Improves the availability of information. Improves the spee of data transmission. Perform greater control in transportation shipments, improving stock management, providing better service. In order to correctly establish the traceability of a Industry Email List product , technology will have to be use such as: Bar codes. They have more advantages over alphanumeric codes, such as greater precision. Eliminating human error in reading; and doing it at greater spee.

The use of the internet of things and its relationship with traceability

Within the webinar: “Coding and Traceability and importance its importance for traceability in the supply chain. The Professor of the Container and Packaging Seminar at the Metropolitan Autonomous University. Jorge Jacobo, explains that “the use of the Internet of. Things must open a panorama based within coding since finally this. Tool has been positioned within this process as a cornerstone in traceability.” On the other hand, the Industrial Internet of Things refers to the digitalization of industry and other economic sectors. But also includes other technological trends, such as Big Data or Systems. Smart. This tool has already been industrialized, so it is now known as the Industrial Internet of Things, with which it has been possible to build an entire infrastructure CW Leads around this entire concept that will lead to a trend of digitalization and which will finally become an industrial revolution, concludes Jorge Jacobo.

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