What type of content attracts user  Backlinks : what are the sources of inbound links to your competitors’ sites? Social networks : what is the social presence of your competitors and their influence on their communities? Site structure : how do your competitors structure their sites to facilitate navigation and user experience ? SEO techniques : what optimization techniques do your competitors use on their site? Select your competitors wisely To carry out a relevant competitive analysis, it is crucial to carefully choose the competitors to analyze.

It is best to select companies that operate in the same industry

and/or target similar keywords . To identify these competitors, several solutions are available to you: Analyze search engine results with the keywords you Egypt WhatsApp Number List are targeting. Use online tools that specialize in researching specific competitors. Ask those around you or carry out classic competitive intelligence in your sector of activity. Don’t limit yourself to analyzing only direct competitors, also consider indirect players and new businesses that can grow their online presence quickly. Analyze competitors’ keywords for a good SEO competitive analysis Once your areas of analysis and your competitors have been determined, the next step is to study the keywords on which they position themselves.

This approach will not only allow you to discover interesting keywords


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That you had not yet considered, but also to understand how your competitors use them to be well positioned. To do this, you can use various online tools Italy Email List such as: Tools specialized in keyword analysis: find out which keywords are used by competing sites and their success. Browser extensions that provide information about the keywords of a visited page. SEO software offering specific functionalities linked to the keywords used by competitors. Deciphering competitors’ content strategy Content is an essential component of SEO. A crucial step in competitive SEO analysis therefore consists of sifting through the content offered by your competitors.

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