Carrying out an SEO audit , carrying out a natural referencing analysis cannot be done with the naked eye, even if certain clues can already appear. Most SEO Agencies or freelancers use analysis tools, which will scan websites and make an overall assessment of the 3 pillars of SEO. Technical SEO Semantic SEO. SEO Off SITE (analysis of backlinks and Netlinking. Search engines like Google. “demand” such quality on the 3 pillars of SEO that it is essential to have efficient SEO tools to check if you are “on the mark” Optimize 360 ​​provides. you with the key steps to carry out a good SEO audit. and thus know how to improve your natural SEO referencing.

Use Chrome extensions for a first look at SEO work

One of the first elements to know if a site has already be worke on with natural referencing. or not is to observe the structure. Of the h tags as it was designe the Vietnam WhatsApp Number List Web Agency. Short video summary here Check with 2-3 Google. Chrome extensions if the pages are well structured with the matedata tags (h1, h2, h3, etc.) See if the Title tag and Metadescription were simply  out and worked on SEO Meta Inspector SEO Meta Inspector. Optimize 360 Analysis of h tags in SEO Optimize 360 By browsing each pag. you will give the articulation of the metadata and will immediately allow you to see.

Ahrefs SEO toolbar You will see

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if the site has a good ranking. (DR – domain rating scorerate out of 100. The level of netlinking. that the website.  Already has (or not). but also SEO indices on the Vietnam Telegram Number .level of indexability of the site. Ahrefs SEO Optimize 360 Wappalyzer . Technology profiler. Wappalizer will give you information on the CMS use in particular. in such a way that you can know. if you or your webmaster master this same. CMS and if you will therefore be able to. (re)work this site correctly directly. or call on an SEO agency which. she masters it. Wappalizer by optimize 360Far. from having covered the SEO audit tools. these 3 extensions give you a first overview of the good SEO practices that have been implemente.

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