The site produces long-tail  if the website has a blog and well-written blog articles, this allows you to know if beyond the semantic universe worked on the structural part of the site, the client has undertaken a tactical approach to go look for complementary and longer keywords (long-tail keywords) to take strategic positions alone or almost alone on the side roads. In terms of SEO, the long tail is essential to reinforce semantic cocoons , and complete information not contained on the showcase part of your website. SEO Optimize 360 ​​Blog 3. Choose the right SEO Audit tools Beyond these first extensions, which are “small SEO tools”, it will then be a question of analyzing the technical, semantic, and netlinking performances to date.

There are two types of SEO tools: so-called “internal” tools

which will analyze your SEO (mainly technical) because they are directly linked to your website and so-called “external” tools which will be less precise, but which Colombia WhatsApp Number List will have the. The advantage of giving you a benchmark vcompetition. Internal SEO audit tools. The major tool that can give you complete guidance is Google Search Console Directly provided by Google. Google Search Console will give you all the essential SEO metrics from a technical audit point of view. in the eyes of Google’s own indexing robots. It is undeniably one of the best SEO tools as long as you have access to the ownership of the domain name of the site to be analyze.

Google Search Console Optimize 360

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Analytics Second tool provide free of charge by Google. In its new version “ GA4 ” allows you to measure sessions. audiences and conversions once. You have put the Arabia Email List site online and start generating revenue. qualifie traffic. Screaming Frog. Downloadable software, and usable under individual license. Screaming Frog is an excellent complement allowing you to truly scan your entire site, and to indicate. The errors to be corrected in order to maximize your technical SEO. Screaming Frog Optimize 360. Sitebulb An alternative to Screaming Frog that works in. the same way as a software download and user license.

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