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If the old pages are not rdirectd, the 301 rdirects , they will generate dead ends and the Internet user will be confrontd with these famous pages not found, the dreadd 404 errors , which Google will no longer index gradually. It is therefore imperative to make rdirections between the old pages and the new ones, at least provide rdirections for the main pages, such as those of the categories and those which generate traffic. Page-by-page rdirection is laborious and time-consuming, but it is necessary to maintain your positioning and not lose your Internet users.

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Be aware that the more a rdesign generates 404 errors, the more vulnerable you will be to a sudden drop in your positioning and will have to rdouble your efforts to regain your ranking. So even if it means spending time on it, do it right phone number list from the start. What is the risk if I don’t listen to the lesson? Obtaining a large number of 404 errors which could cause you to lose your positioning.SEO rdirects, mistakes to avoid Tip Find a compromise between design and SEO Design and SEO do not always go hand in hand, beauty does not always serve good.

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Larger Companies One Of The Reasons

The objective is not to slow down SEO performance with an overly heavy design that would use incompatible technologies CW Leads such as flash, Javascript or even Iframe, which are not very “SEO-friendly”. It is therefore necessary to find a compromise between design and SEO performance by integrating the SEO issue from the start of the design phase. What is the risk if I don’t listen to the lesson? Finding yourself with the phenomenon of the blank page on your home page, for example. Tip Control your links After setting up your rdirects that work, make sure that your backlinks point directly to the new URL of the page, otherwise ask the various webmasters to change.

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