I will help you fix all these technical issues easily! Continue reading! How to Build Your On-Page SEO The good news is that there are a bunch of tools that will do the “dirty work” of optimizing your website. Tools to fix the technical issues Fortunately, SEO is nothing new anymore, so there are a ton of tools at your disposal for analyzing a website. Whenever I start work on a new website, the first thing I do is set my target site to the following tools: Siteliner – The ultimate tool for finding duplicate content and broken links on your website. Fixing duplicate content should be your first priority. In my opinion, there is no bigger problem than duplicate content.

The most common forms of duplicate content are duplicate product

Descriptions from the manufacturer, multiple pages for the same product, and duplicate tags, categories, and index files. If you have an e-commerce website, you Romania WhatsApp Number List may have duplicate content due to issues with its normalization. How to fix duplicate product descriptions E-commerce stores, also known as Eshops, should have unique content on each page for their products. Do not copy product descriptions written by you or the manufacturer! Spend the time needed to create 100% unique content for your website and you will not only significantly increase your conversion rates, but you will also bring your products more long tail traffic from Google and better search engine rankings in general.

It will make your company’s site stand out

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as it will appear both to Google and to your visitors, that you devoted a lot of effort and time to this process. There is a super easy way to create unique content on Africa Phone Number  these pages, without even having to write huge texts yourself: User Generated Content! Create a section for reviews, comments or questions on every page and ask people who buy your product to leave a review too. How to fix the problem of multiple pages for the same product This is by far one of the most common issues I see in eCommerce stores when optimizing websites.They have one product and 10 pages for each color that comes out, another 10 pages for each size and so on.

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