How to fix normalization problems

Google hates this because: 1) you fill the SERPs (search engine results) with nonsense, and 2) there is no way you can write unique descriptions for all 20 different pages of your same product. The solution; Consolidate all these pages into one and both Google and your users will love you! If this integration seems to you a difficult or very technical process, use the “noindex, follow” tags for the double pages of your products. Tags, Categories and Files WordPress defaults to indexing these, which can create duplicate content issues. I highly recommend making them noindex. If you use WordPress, you can easily do this with the All in One SEO pack or Yoast SEO.Most websites will not suffer from this problem because almost all e-commerce sites and blogging platforms have special code to prevent this.

This tool is ideal for: Detecting duplicate META information

you may have, so be sure to use it in your website optimization, especially if you have an eCommerce store. Screaming Frog SEO Spider – it doesn’t matter if you Russia WhatsApp Number List are an SEO company or just a site owner, you should be using this tool. It’s free for 500 pages, which means you should use it.  throughout your site Finding broken links and 302 redirects Identifying missing or incomplete H1 and H2 tags where you could place your main keywords SEO Quake (Firefox, Chrome) – SEO Quake is another must-have tool. In addition to the link analysis capabilities, it also has two very useful extensions that I really love, “Diagnosis” and “Density”.

Diagnostics with a simple click the diagnostic

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you tons of useful metrics, including your page’s META information, your header tags, your images’ ALT tags, and more. This simple tool helped me identify duplicate Arabia Whatsapp Number H1 tags on one of my client’s sites. Once I fixed these tags, my client’s site went from the first position on the second page, to the top four on the first page, within 10 days! Density : I use the Keyword Density tool religiously because it’s so good and comprehensive. Just keep in mind, it doesn’t count keywords in your ALT tags, IMG extensions and keywords that are part of some code in general. Each page of your site should have a keyword density ranging from 1 to 5%. About positioning for keywords Since you should keep your keyword density around 1-5%, then you don’t have much leeway.

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