Mium and large company (more than employees). Brand page (this is an option for subpages that are already link to an existing page. By choosing these options, we must indicate which Company Page we want to connect to . An interesting fact you can create up to brand pages for your company ). ucational institution (here LinkIn will start your page with the domain linkinschool). Use this option if you represent, for example, a private school. Most of the settings are the same. However, it gives the possibility of dividing the creat pages into categories and sorting the options to choose from.

A New Dimension Of Marketing Strategy

Step In the next section, we complete the basic information about the company Name tip if you have a long company name, use the abbreviat one, the full name will not be visible. Also, opt out of sp extensions. z o. o Public URL on LinkIn here it is worth paying attention to the ease of searching after entering database the name in the search engine, as well as the repetition of names on the market. Check how many companies with the same name are already there and try to make it stand out a bit. Website this is not mandatory, but it is possible to link to a website later Company information (choose from the list) Industry Company size.


Marketing Activities Count It

Company type Slogan Logo it is interesting that the field is not requir here you should prepare a graphic with dimensions of × . Support file types are JPG, JPEG and PNG. Finally, it is necessary to confirm the right to set up the website on behalf of thecompany. The last step at this stage is to click on Create Page CW Leads Congratulations!. Theoretically, you could end your activities with the company website on this. But then it will have no effect. What’s worse, LinkIn has many pages like this, no data, no photos. Such websites scream to potential customers about the lack of professionalism.

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