Build your backlinks correctly and you will achieve high rankings. But if you don’t build them properly… Difficult things. I’m sure you know this. It took me a lot of time and endless testing to figure out which type of top-notch SEO backlinks are best for both quick and long-term rankings. So let’s get started! Before we start, let me tell you that Tier 1 links are considered the most basic links in building a link strategy. They are the links that go directly to your website. I will show you the link building strategies I have used to achieve high rankings on my clients and websites. While many will be freaking out about losing their rankings with every new update that comes out, you’ll rest easy knowing that your top-notch SEO backlinks structure is rock solid.

Make sure your website is not a disgrace

It is true that you can achieve high rankings even for pages with no content or with duplicate content but know that this is not a sustainable approach at all. Even if Panama WhatsApp Number List you get high rankings for a blank site, you still need to create valuable content to convert traffic into customers. . There you will learn how to create a site that Google will like.

Risk Tolerance SEO promotion

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I have a fairly high risk tolerance level in SEO promotion when it comes to link building. This is what sets me apart from all the other “experts” who freak out over Taiwan Phone Number every link. Always remember that the most common Reason for penalties on your site is over-optimized anchor text and not the type of links hitting your site. Please re-read the previous sentence to dramatically reduce your paranoia. This of course does not mean that you should go crazy and overdo it with every type of backlink. There are some links you want to avoid in your Tier One Profile.

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