Links from Russia eg Sape Links and other Eastern Bloc countries Russian links used to be awesome because they are powerful. But Google quickly caught wind of what was being done with these links and began imposing sanctions on sites with many links with extensions  I personally don’t use them, so use them at your own risk. They are certainly powerful, but they are also very easy to find on Google.

Don’t use Russian links in the first category

And if you MUST use them for some reason, do it in the second or even third category. Think of it this way: if you are targeting the Greek audience, then you should Pakistan WhatsApp Number List get links from Greek sites. ONLY use them if you really know what you’re doing. Google is very good at identifying the traces and patterns that are “connected” to these tools. Using these tools in the second category (Tier Two) is quite safe. But I recommend that you do exclusively “manual” link building for the first category. If you want to use these tools for the first category.Then you should spend a lot of time testing before applying them to a site you really care about.

Understanding the Anhor Text

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What I often say is that your anchor text profile is one of the most important factors for Google’s algorithm to determine. if your site is “quality” and “relevant” or Switzerland Phone Number just trying to manipulate the search engine. Basically, you should save your keyword-rich anchors for your strongest links and use. “natural” anchors for all other types of links. Sponsored Links: “Look Google, my website is Natural!”. Creating a links profile that looks natural is the first. Step not only for a good ranking, but also for the “safety” of your site from any updates. These links will be from trusted sources. have variety and have unoptimize anchor text.

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