There is no way to avoid this and on-page optimization is the only way to go. Stream of Links A strategically structured site architecture after web page optimization will make high ranking new pages extremely easy. It will also reduce the number of backlinks you will need to see your desired results. Placement of Keywords Knowing where to place your keywords is very important for each page’s ranking and search engine optimization. We’ll talk more about this in a moment. On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Topics Weak pages that lack Value Pages that lack valuable content or have no content at all devalue your website and are completely uninteresting and pointless to your users.

Web page optimization will give solutions and answers

About the text that should be used. Duplicate Content & Website Optimization Duplicate content can kill your website if you don’t fix it with on-page Portugal WhatsApp Number List optimization. Duplicate META tags Some websites think it’s OK to copy paste meta descriptions all over their site. This shows sloppiness and the user experience becomes disastrous and so does the website’s optimization and has a negative impact on search engine rankings. Keyword density If any page on your website has more than 1-5% keyword density, you will definitely have a problem with your search engine rankings.

This percentage depends on the number of words

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Of content you place on the website. The larger the content, the more flexibility you have in the frequency of keywords you use when optimizing web USA Phone Number  pages. Missing ALT tags Google has no idea what your images are or show unless you “tell” them with ALT tags. Her bots only see as CODES. They can’t see your beautiful photos but by applying techniques for website optimization they will be able to recognize that they are listed and even get rankings in the search engines. Missing META Description Their presence can increase the click through rate when your pages are in the first 10 search engine results.

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