Website Optimization SEO¬† Your website’s search engine optimization or On-Page SEO is like the foundation of your house. Without it, your website will not be able to claim high rankings. Fortunately, I’ve encountered and fixed every possible web optimization mistake so I’ll help you avoid making the same mistakes I did. If you are designing a new site and want to optimize it. This guide will allow you to avoid making mistakes that can later ruin your entire SEO campaign. If you already have a website, you can make these changes immediately for Google to recognize them so you can start seeing their benefits.

I don’t create a single link on the landing pages

or any other web promotion action unless I am 100% sure that I have created a solid “foundation”. So great is the importance of On-Page SEO for on-page Poland WhatsApp Number List seo optimization of a website. Site promotion with strong Backlinks starts right after It doesn’t matter if God himself gave you links, if you make many of the mistakes. Your website will probably disappear from the SERPS. Or it will get stuck on the 2nd page. I’m not trying to scare you, but I want you to understand how important it really is to optimize your website. Ready? So let’s get started!. What is considered proper On-Page SEO? Ease of use The best strategy for website optimization is to think about and consider your users.

I think Google’s stance on link building is disturbing

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As you will notice, all the issues and problems that I will Uk Phone Number mention below, affect the user experience and therefore cause. Google to devalue your website and fall in the search engines in general. What if you optimize websites for the user. Google will love you, users will like your page more and you will get more traffic on search engines for keywords.

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