Feel free to explore their Topics covered Choosing keywords and integrating them into content Frequency of publications The formats used (articles in blogvideos, infographics.) Interactive initiatives to encourage visitor engagement (comments, social sharing, call-to-action buttons, etc.). In a nutshell Finding your semantic competitors in SEO is a crucial step in developing an effective action plan and optimising your natural referencing. Thanks to the various methods and tools presented in this article, you are now ready to identify the key competitors in your market in order to improve your search engine positioning and generate more qualified traffic to your site. website.

The overall performance of your site

Make your site compatible with all media: adapt a responsive design approach using a framework such as Bootstrap or using a specialist developer. Promote Thailand Phone Number List your content: share it on social networks, encourage your readers to talk about it to those around them and work on the internal (link from one page to another) and external (backlinks) networking of your site. Now that you have a better understanding of SEO and the criteria to consider when evaluating whether youAmong these KPIs, we can notably cite: Organic traffic:

The number of visitors from search engines

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The rate of conversion : the proportion of visitors who carry out a desired action on your site (online purchase, quote request, subscription to a Africa Phone Number List newsletter, etc.) Keyword positioning: the place occupied by your website in search results for the terms you are targeting This constant monitoring and monitoring of performance are additional factors that make SEO costly in terms of time and money. In short, although essential for the visibility and success of your business on the web, SEO is a complex lever that requires time and a significant financial investment.

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