Google gives high value  It is a very important element, as the impact of your page on other websites will allow you to take advantage of their traffic. Remember, this is how websites were developed before Google. That is, their owners were finding other websites in the same industry as theirs, building relationships, and leveraging that special traffic to grow their businesses. that flows through it So you should set a benchmark for your current levels of traffic from your referrals. So you will be able to increase it with guest posts on blogs, posts on marketing forums, commenting on blogs, mentioning your brand, and through social media marketing. You can also always increase traffic by devoting time to creating and developing a quality blog which will help you get links in a natural way.

The Amount of landing pages that receive Organic

Traffic In Google Analytics, you will find which of your pages are getting organic traffic. So for this benchmark, we will measure how many Nepal WhatsApp Number List pages receive real organic traffic on a monthly basis. We want to increase the amount of pages that receive organic traffic over time. As you create new content and resources, you should also increase the number of pages that Google or other search engines send traffic to. By doing this you are very likely to discover pages that you didn’t know were getting traffic.

Once you find these pages you can improve

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them by adding valuable content or improving their layout and Onpage SEO to increase conversion. Your goal will be to continue to Qatar Phone Number increase organic traffic to this page. The amount of keywords in the Top 20 The amount of keywords you have ranked in the top 20 is very important for several reasons. First, it demonstrates how visible you are right now. If you don’t have keywords in the top 20, then you need to get down to business. Second, if you have keywords in the Top 20, then you can create content or focus on building Reputation so that you can improve the rankings for these “easy” ones.

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