Pageviews benchmarking is very¬† The keywords on the second page only need a little boost. This of course depends on the correct analysis of your competitors on the 1st page. Page views . If you have more than one view per visitor, it means that users are interested A) to read more content or B) to learn more about your product or services. What you should want is for users to view multiple pages of your site, as this will give you a good opportunity to convert those users into email subscribers or possibly buyers of your product or service. Bounce Rate A high bounce rate is a sign of poor user experience. That’s why it should be one of your most important points of reference.

If it is high, then you should focus

. Remember, bounce rates will vary depending on the industry that each site is targeting and can even be different between pages on the Namibia WhatsApp Number List same site! For example, news sites may have a high bounce rate, while informational sites usually have a lower one. Pages built solely for conversions (Landing Pages) will have a high bounce rate. The average time visitors spend on your website Your visitors should stay on your website for as long as possible. The longer they stay, the more likely you are to “convert” them. As with bounce rate, the average time visitors spend on your site will vary.

Vsitors aren’t staying long on your site

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then there’s probably a problem with their experience. This could mean that the site may be too complex, your content may not be good, or the Philippine Phone Number¬† site may not be well structured. The goal of benchmarking the average time the visitor spends on your site is to increase this time. The pages in the Google index (Indexed Pages) This topic is a very important section and belongs to the technical seo category so you need to pay a lot of attention. According to one school of thought, the large number of pages in the Google index (Indexed Pages) is an indication of Prestige.

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