Google News vs Google  Follow button is a feature available to users logged in in the United States (in English) using Chrome Android. Soon in Europe, no doubt. How to make your articles appear in Google Discover? According to Google itself, here are its own recommendations : “To increase the chances of your content appearing in Discover, we recommend following these guidelines: Use page titles that convey the essence of the content, without trying to manipulate click-through rates. Include high-quality, engaging images in your content, including large images that are more likely to drive visits with Discover. Large images must be at least 1200 pixels wide and enabled via the settingmax-image-preview:large or using the AMP format .

Avoid using a site logo as an image

Avoid tactics aimed at artificially increasing engagement. For example, be careful not to provide misleading or exaggerated. Information in preview France Telegram Number Data content (title, excerpts, images) simply to attract attention, and make sure you are not ignoring critical details needed to understanding of the content. Avoid tactics aimed at attracting as many Internet users as possible with flashy, provocative or scandalous content. Use content relevant to current interests. It should tell a story or provide unique information. To optimize the user experience , Discover aims to present content tailored to interest-based feeds such as articles and videos, and to exclude content that is unwanted or likely to confuse readers.

Discover may not recommend applications

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Petitions, forms, code repositories, or satirical content without any context. 8 best practices for trying to appear in Google Discover And here, according to our  Germany Telegram Number Optimize 360 ​​SEO Agency, are our own recommendations for trying to appear in Google Discover. Adopt the same technique as to appear in Google News Follow the Google recommendations above. Make sure you produce recurring, high-quality conten.t Think about local referencing to answer questions asked by Internet users locally. Thoroughly optimize your blog or news articles .Think about “interests” of Internet users Write long, detailed “journalistic” articles Optimize your articles primarily for mobile search.

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