If you’re one of the people who’s seen recommended content on your Google app or mobile browser, it might be time to stop and ask yourself, “What is that?” » Definition By our SEO Agency Optimize 360 This is undoubtedly “automatic” news which is offered to you by Google, as a result of what it assumes to be your interests. They are Google Discover Google Discover: Definition Google Discover is a personalized content feed that appears on mobile devices when you’re not searching for anything specific. It is also available mainly on mobile devices, and should appear soon on desktop results. It shows recommendations that are supposed to be tailored to you – a new recipe, a news article from your favorite publication, etc.

You can access it by opening the Google app

Google mobile browser. For example, Google Discover displays news articles about your favorite travel destinations, newly released music and movies, news that Denmark Telegram Number Data interests you, and offers from companies that What is Google Discover might interest you at that moment. And this, as a result of your past browsing, and the centers of interest perceived by Google during your browsing.  However, in most cases they correspond to articles from major media and/or sites which already manage to appear in Google News feeds. .

Google Discover what are the differences

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However, Discover is designe to display all types of useful content available on the web. Not just recently publishe content. Google News vs. There are many France Telegram Number  similarities between Google News and Google Discover. Except that like Rich Snippets. Google Discover news is offered spontaneously. Without you asking for anything. Regarding Google News, you must type Google news in the search engine. Before having access to a flow of information and articles. In Google News you can personalize and select the media for which you wish to have recurring information. In Google Discover, the Follow functionality will allow Internet users to follow the news of a website in the For You tab of Discover on Chrome.

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