Identify the presence Correction of “black hat SEO” techniques: In the event of sanctions for illegal techniques (cloaking, artificial links, etc.), it is important to review your SEO strategy to adopt “ white hat SEO” practices. This involves, in particular, better optimization of the site and the creation of a network of natural links. Improvement of the overall quality of the site: If the sanction is due to a ranking algorithm, you must implement actions aimed at improving the general quality of your site. Consider, for example, working on the user experience , the relevance of the content or the technical performance of the site. Request site re-evaluation from Google After making the necessary corrections, you can request a re-evaluation of your site from Google.

connect to your Google Search Console

And send a message explaining the actions implemented since receiving the sanction. The request will then be examined by the Google anti-spam team which will Cambodia Telegram Number Data validate, or not, the lifting of the penalty. Prevent future sanctions To avoid further SEO sanctions in the future, it is important to always follow the guidelines set by Google and adopt responsible SEO practices. Here are a few tips : Put the user at the heart of your concerns: As Google’s main objective is to provide relevant results, it is essential to offer quality content with high added value for Internet users.

Respect technical rules make sure

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to always respect good practices in terms of site optimization (sitemaps, loading times, meta tags, etc.). Create a network of natural links. Favor the creation of China Telegram Number  inbound links from. Relevant sites and avoid using artificial techniques to manipulate your positioning in search results. In short, when faced with a Google SEO sanction. It is essential to react quickly by identifying the problem, analyzing its impact and implementing corrective actions. But above all, this experience must be seen as an opportunity. To improve the overall quality of your site as well as your SEO practices to guarantee optimal visibility in the long term.

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