How to react to a Google Before knowing what to do in the event of a Google referencing sanction , it is essential to identify whether or not your site was penalized and what type of penalty was applied. The two main categories of sanctions are: The manual penalty : it occurs when Google’s anti-spam team has detected practices contrary to the guidelines set by the search engine. Most often, this concerns offenses such as spam, cloaking or the creation of artificial links. The algorithmic penalty : it results from a change in a Google ranking algorithm, generally associated with changes in quality criteria. A famous example is the “Panda” update, which affected sites with duplicate content or low quality.

To detect a manual penalty simply consult

your site’s Google Search Console and check if an error message mentioning a penalty has  send by Google. Regarding algorithmic penalties, their detection is Brazil Telegram Number Data more complex because they are often linked to a sudden drop in traffic or a drop in positions in search results. Understand the impact of the sanction on your visibility Once the presence of a sanction has been identified, you must analyze its impact on your visibility . The goal is to understand the pages and features affected as well as the type of content affected.

This will allow you to establish a precise diagnosis

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To know how to act in the face of this situation. Implement corrective actions After identifying and analyzing the Google SEO penalty, it is time to develop a Brazil Telegram Number  strategy to address it. Several actions can be take depending on the type of sanction. Removal of content that does not comply with the guidelines. If the sanction concerns your content. You should delete or modify the problematic elements as soon as possible. This could include duplicate articles. Keyword spam, or misleading information for users.

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