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Microsoft disputes these numbers. A WSJ article today (paywalled, so I’m not linking to it) noted that: “[Microsoft] disputed outside data, saying third-party data companies aren’t measuring all the people who are going directly to Bing’s chat page.” StatCounter said its data takes traffic to and from Bing’s chat into account. Here’s what digital intelligence platform SimilarWeb told me: “It’s possible that we’re missing some of the Bing Chat interactions that use an Edge sidebar / extension, but I don’t know how significant that is in the grand scheme of things.” Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s corporate VP and consumer.

Global Search Market Share

Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened. By the numbers. Bing’s U.S. search market share was 6.47% in July, per web analytics service StatCounter. Us Search Market Share July2023 Statcounter In February, when new DB to Data Bing launched, it’s market share was 6.35%. Bing’s market share peaked at 6.61% in March. But Bing’s U.S. market share was typically over 7% in 2022, with a high of 7.82% in November. Bing’s global search market share was 2.99% in July, per StatCounter. July2023 Statcounter The highest Bing’s global search market share has been this year was in January, at 3.03%, a month before new Bing was announced. In 2022, Bing was consistently over 3%.

Microsoft seemed to have a legitimate

Setting up event parameters is crucial for a holistic analysis of your website. Parameters let you view website events completely, allowing for a more detailed interpretation.It’s been just over six months since the new AI-powered CW Leads Bing with Bing Chat launched – but its overall search engine market share remains virtually unchanged globally and in the U.S. Why we care. When the new Bing launched, it felt like the dawn of an exciting new era in search.  chance to erode some of Google’s dominance and become a truly worthy competitor to Google, thanks to its new conversational and generative AI take on search.

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