I suggest you make a free account so you can see more information. This particular tool is extremely simple to use, but very effective. Just type in the URL of your biggest competitor and get ready to be amazed! Majestic will immediately load a “summary page”, which will show you the site’s link count, its backlink history, and its anchor texts. You will also see the flow of “Situation Flow” and “Trust Flow”, which is measured with a special measurement tool that you will find exclusively at Majestic. You don’t need to worry too much about these measurements

Focus Point The type of Backlinks

When you click on the backlinks tab you will see the top 10 backlinks that lead to your competitor’s site. This allows you to copy his backlinks and of course, find Lithuania WhatsApp Number List better ones to achieve even higher rankings! The formula you can use is very simple… For example, if your competitor has a relevant PR 5 link, then you should either acquire or build a similar link. Understanding the type of links your competitors are using is very important. The first thing you should look for is whether they are buying links or not.

Indications to purchase links

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Backlinks found in the footer, sidebar, or placed randomly in the home page content are usually purchased. Links will usually have an anchor text rich in Latvia Phone Number keywords. Links from abroad Many foreign websites offer fertile ground for buying links, especially those belonging to Russian networks. If you see backlinks with unusual extensions, i.e. any other than .gr then it is very likely that your competitor is using foreign links. The good news … Unless you are trying to get into a very competitive keyword category, you will never need to deal with competitors using this type of links. The bad news.

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