What to do if your competitor is buying links

What to do if your competitor If you are paying for SEO services, then you are essentially buying links for yourself. Stop being a hypocrite and just try to get higher rankings. You should spend more than your competitors and of course have an awesome SEO expert at your disposal important note Although there are many indications of buying links, most of the time we will come across only a few of them on a site, so at best we can make an assumption and not draw a definite conclusion. In other words, there is nothing you can do about buying links and there is no way to prove it. And don’t forget, your competitors may simply have good links or have established a relationship of trust with sites that give good links. The purchase of links is therefore a frequent phenomenon, but it does not happen everywhere and always.

Categorizing your competitors links

These tools will allow you to see all types of links your competitors are using, including forum links, contextual links, blog post comments, directory links, and Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List more. A very good strategy is to divide your competitors’ links into categories. This is important because this way you will see the trends and types of links that are generally used in the keyword category you are targeting. For example, let’s say you target the keyword “Dentist Thessaloniki” If all your competitors have mostly directory links on their front page, then it would be silly to put a bunch of blog comment links on your front page. The key to ranking better than your competitors is to follow their link trends and find better links.

Focus Point  Analyzing the Anchor

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Text Profile It is absolutely necessary to analyze your competitor’s anchor text and try to copy it. If your competitor has only used the main keyword in 5% of the Lebanon Phone Number  other words in the text, then you should try to do the same. Just make sure you link to your main keyword with high quality sources.  In addition to Majestic, you should also use Ahrefs and Open Site Explorer for further analysis. Each tool works pretty much the same way. A few final words about Competitive Analysis Try to spend a lot of time analyzing your competition. Within an hour or two at most, you can get a pretty good idea of ​​what to do. If they have high quality links, then you should build or acquire high quality links.

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