Importance Of High Search Rankings In The Marketplace

Having a high search ranking will give your online store a chance to be seen by your target market. While Google gives searchers the most accurate answer to the question, the marketplace, on the other hand, provides a list of products searchers are most likely to buy.

And you, as a seller, want your product to be at the top of the list. That’s why SEO for online marketplaces is an important practice.

Here’s how high search rankings will affect your business

Established authority and good reputation
While building a good reputation is an ongoing endeavor, trust and transparency are strategic imperatives especially in large, crowded markets where competitors sell nearly the same products.

Having your product or website on the COO Email List first page of search engine results justifies that your business is demonstrating expertise and credibility.

Promotion all the time
SEO works non-stop and if your product ranks highly, it is more likely to be recommended to any search results related to it. Shopee, for example, has around 343 million monthly visitors.[*] That number is more likely to hit you if you rank high.

Organic search traffic
96% of searchers don’t trust ads, and admit it, nothing beats free traffic. With organic search traffic, there is a higher chance that the visitor has the intention of knowing more about your business or buying your listing.

How do I start optimizing

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Right off the bat, let me tell you that SEO is a slow but steady and sure process. Here are five specific points you can start with to optimize your site over time.

Categorize products
If you have 500-2,000 products, you want search engines to reach them easily, just like any other. Placing your products in CW Leads the right categories allows users to easily navigate and scroll instead of seeing your products all over the place. Plus, products listed in categories and subcategories help with indexing for each section.

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