Help Consumers Find Your Product Using Keywords

Opportunity to educate your customer base
Consumers search for products online either because they want to learn more about a particular product or they want to compare which is the best.

Being the first store or website they visit is a great opportunity for you to educate them about your business given that your description is optimized, to the point, and can answer FAQs.

Highlight valuable information from previous buyers who left you good and honest reviews.

Cost effective marketing

Digital marketing is made up of many different processes, including SEO. Returns cannot be seen at a glance. However, if done right, you will see long term benefits including high traffic, high quality visitors, increased conversions and ultimately business growth.

These benefits are just the tip of the Design Directors Managers Email List iceberg. With the opportunities presented, it’s hard to see a reason not to invest in them. With SEO, you can take the top search results space, allowing you to compete with big companies, and have the same level of credibility and efficiency in the marketplace.

Now that we’ve laid down the main reasons why SEO is a must, where can you start?

Keyword strategy is the main game when it comes to market SEO.

To get started, do a keyword search. Study your niche and think about the words your target market will use to find your product.

For example, if you sell plus size clothing, your keywords could be “plus size + products” or “plus size online shop”.

The best keywords are the ones that have the highest search volume

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This means more people are searching using certain keywords.

To make your keyword research easier, there are several keyword search tools available.

At Split Dragon, we have a Lazada and Shopee Keyword suggestion tool that uses actual Lazada and Shopee data.

After selecting keywords, use them in CW Leads your title, bullet points, and product descriptions that highlight the features and benefits of your product.

Make sure users understand your product and content
This is very important.

Remember the keywords mentioned earlier? Use it in a way that you can accurately describe your product in the title as well as in the description.

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