Make Sure Users Understand Your Product And Content

Remember the keywords mentioned earlier? Use it in a way that you can accurately describe your product in the title as well as in the description. 

Let’s focus on the title first. 

The title is the first piece of information searchers will learn about your product. Basically, it requires a brand name, key features and quantity. You can also enter for whom. 

The title should also be to the point and read naturally even if you include 1-2 keywords. 



As much as possible avoid filling your title with keywords so that it is not visible and legible 

The crawler also takes keywords into account in the description, so use high-volume keywords to your full advantage. Highlight the benefits of the feature in short but concise sentences.

Add breadcrumbs to your list

On Google, breadcrumb lists allow your visitors to quickly navigate to the previous section or track how far they are from the home page. Google displays breadcrumbs in search results to categorize information. 

This is also the same in big online marketplaces like Shopee and Lazada. Products listed in categories and subcategories help indexing for each section.


Make your content useful and interesting This is where your creativity will manifest. The product description Engineering Directors Email List should describe the features and benefits of your product in an informative way and at the same time arouse interest and encourage searchers to buy.

Imagine your real buyer. What words do they use? What words will you use to tell them about your product?

Know your target market, what they want and give it to them.

Even if online doesn’t have the power of touch and face-to-face meetings, you can still introduce your product using the right words and language that resonate more deeply.


Make your site feel and look trusted

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Admit it, the biggest tips when it comes to online shopping are persistent hustlers. In fact, ecommerce fraud is the most co -reported type of fraud in 2020.[ * ] Naming your store “cheaptech” or “” does not guarantee respect.

Encourage your customers to review your CW Leads products by providing vouchers or displaying your trust seal. Lastly, make sure you are clear with your guarantees and warranties and place them clearly in your online store.

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