MICE stands for Meeting Incentives Conferencing and Events. (Also spelled Meeting, Incentives Conferencing and Exhibitions ) This term covers everything to do with meetings, conferences and trade fairs, from incentives (rewards for participants) and conferencing (collaborative conference work) to exhibitionism (product presentations) and corporate team-building events. The meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions industry has become an important part of the business travel industry. The MICE sector focuses on planning events such as meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions. This very often requires a team of professionals capable of organising and planning an event from start to finish.

The MICE sector essentially comprises

Convention centres, hotels, suppliers of goods and services (catering, interpreters, furniture hire, transport vehicle hire, etc.), professional organisers and Germany Telegram Number Data convention bureaus. But that’s not all.. 1.Meetings The first part of the acronym, ‘meetings’, refers to the organisation of professional meetings, with all that this can entail in terms of consequences (travel, journeys, hire of meeting room(s), meals, hotel accommodation, etc.). MICE optimize 360 We will see later that, economically, a large number of operators are positioning themselves in this niche. All the more so in a context where distance working and teleworking have revolutionised the number of ‘physical’ meetings as they were known before Covid.


Specialised software such as Zoom

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Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc. exploded during this period. 2.incentives Incentives are, in the broadest sense, events created to encourage China Telegram Number emulation. And are performance “reward trips” or “reward events”. Incentives Optimize 360 Corresponding to positive events, challenges, in-house competitions that sometimes lead to trips. Company events outside the work environment, etc. 3 Conferencing Conferencing can be divided into two distinct elements 3.1 Internal company conferencing 3.2 External conferencing to attract an external audience. In both cases, there may be a need for very specific organisational logistics. (from hiring plenary rooms to amphitheatres, sub-committee rooms, etc.). 4.events ( or exhibition ) Event management is a very broad field.

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