It may be all the more important to create incentives if the populations concerned are heterogeneous and/or geographically distant during the year. In intercultural management, companies like Pernod-Ricard, for example, organise a mega-meeting and convention every year on the island of Les Embiez, bringing together managers from all the countries in which they operate. Training events The need for training and the organisation of training can be both individual and collective. When it comes to training even 5 people up to 10 people, the organisational involvement is obviously not the same. In fact, it is the training organisations themselves, an individual trainer, and possibly external contributors, that will have to be coordinated with the internal population of the company being trained.

Bring potential buyers and sellers face to face

Product launch events are organise specifically for this purpose. The best known of these are undoubtedly the launches of a brand’s new cars, organised Hong Kong Telegram Number Data  either by the global brand (BMW, Audi, etc.) or by local dealerships or groups of dealerships. Obviously, you don’t present a range of cars, a perfume or fashion items in the same way, and you don’t publicise them in the same way, whether it’s a simple Pop Up Store or weeks of Fashion Week. Conferences Conferences are larger-scale events that often involve presentations, demonstrations or workshops with a large audience.

The aim of these events may be to inform

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Web Indonesia Telegram Number conferences or webinars. Particularly popular during the Covid period. Web conferencing has  democratise and facilitat a whole host of web operators who have make available tools that were previously reserve for large organisations. There’s no longer any need to travel to organise a meeting on the fly, with Google Meet, MicrosoftTeams or the equivalent to bring people from all over the world together around a screen, with screen sharing of documents, enabling immediacy. Online collaboration and interaction between participants.

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