Most successful SEO campaigns. This is where the internal optimization of all the pages of your website begins. Basedon the research that has been done, changes will make to the architecture.Page Titles, meta descriptions and H tags. In addition, instructions will  give for the content of each page so that. there is guidance for the best possible capture of it. Also, new pages may be creat. Internal links between site pages may be improve and possible duplicate content may be delete.  On-page Optimization can achieve the greatest benefits since having the right keywords. in a well-structured page title can lead to a big boost. in rankings (even to the top position) as Google will understand. your topic better. page and what it contains (SEO friendly).

Content strategy and development

High-quality content on specific pages plays an important role in high rankings and the development of quality organic traffic. The best thing is to write the Iran WhatsApp Number List content of your website based on the instructions and rules that the SEO Expert will set for you. Small package – Up to €500 per month: Websites with small requirements and low competition usually respond to this package Basic package: From €500 to €1,000 per month

This package is for websites with moderate

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competition and moderate requirements in terms of what they want to achieve Medium package: From €1,000 to €2,000 per month. Suitable for businesses Brazil Phone Number that already have some online presence. Are targeting a national level and know what their goals are. Ideal for large retail and online sales businesses looking. to boost their online presence. It is also recommende for specific local businesses operating in highly competitive industries. €2,000 are aim at businesses that belong to the most competitive industries. That want to maximize their online. Presence and conquer as large a part of the market as possible.

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